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             PEAK Matrix® 2022  
Indico Named as Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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Chatham Financial increases process capacity by 300% with Intelligent Intake

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Company profile

Chatham Financial is one of the largest independent financial risk management advisory and technology firms. Chatham provides clients with access to in-depth knowledge, innovative tools, and a team of over 600 employees to help mitigate risks associated with interest rate, foreign currency, and commodity exposures. Founded in 1991, Chatham serves more than 3,000 companies across a wide range of industries — handling over $750 billion in transaction volume annually.


Chatham sought to automate several of its intake processes and quickly found that robotic process automation (RPA) tools couldn’t handle the unstructured documents at the core of Chatham’s business. Chatham required a solution that could both leverage natural language processing and a simplified training model that could equip the automation solution to understand the documents it would intake without strictly defined rules or templates.


Chatham’s initial proof-of-concept use-case with Indico Data addressed an interest rate cap confirmation process, which included no less than three employee reviews. With just 200 samples, the Indico Intelligent Intake solution provided a highly accurate model within a week. The results were so dramatic that Chatham cleared a backlog of over 1,000 documents in just 24 hours.


Today, Chatham has built and deployed five use cases and has five more in development. With over fifty business users developing new models, these subject matter process experts appreciate the ease of use, along with their data scientists. Chatham looks to streamline multi-step processes with ongoing projects in every business vertical and practice area, including accounting, transaction document process, and client onboarding.

Indico Intelligent Intake lets our senior product and business leaders get directly involved in building models and driving automation at Chatham. With Indico’s expertise and just a few hundred documents, we’ve successfully delivered cutting-edge models in a way previously considered impossible.

Andrew Thornfeldt, Chatham Financial


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